Refreshing Green Smoothie & Strawberries πŸ“πŸ’š


Are you looking for a delicious, healthy, filling meal? Then this is the perfect recipe for you! A few days ago i made the smoothest green smoothie ever made! The ingredients that you’re gonna need to recreate this recipe are:

  • bananas
  • frozen bananas
  • 200 gr of spinach
  • a few leaves of mint
  • 2 tsp of ground ginger
  • 1 tsp of ground turmeric
  • 1 tbsp of spirulina or chlorella powder
  • 1tsp raw cacao nibs
  • a handful of strawberries

First we need to juice the spinach with a cold press slow juicer, then after we’ve obtained this magical green juice we can put it in our blender and add all the other ingredients, except for cacao nibs and strawberries. Blend it up and pour it into a bowl of your choice. Decorate with cacao nibs and strawberries! You can use whatever type of toppings your prefer but i promise that cacao nibs and strawberries go really well with it! ✨

This green smoothie is perfect for the hot weather: it’s refreshing and energizing! The frozen bananas, the ginger, and the mint make this smoothie incredibly fresh, aromatic, fragrant, and enjoyable. The spinach will provide your body with tons of important minerals, vitamins, and protein! Juicing them will make this smoothie easy to digest and it will also confer a beautifully smooth texture. The bananas, of course, are full of vitamins and potassium that are essential for our body and their sweetness will contrast the flavor of the spinach.

This smoothie is a winner: it’s extremely good and extremely healthy. I know i always write this, but it’s true: this food is the highest form of nourishment for our body and for our Soul. Feed yourself Light, Love, and Life and you will be radiant, glowing, luminous. 🌞

The only way to create Love around is if we start loving ourselves first, and to love ourselves we need to take of our body, mind, spirit. Eating healthy food is not simply an end in itself. I don’t do this because i’m on a diet, i don’t eat like this because someone told me to or because i want to be thin. I am doing this to heal myself and the world. To be a better version of myself. To improve. To grow. To evolve. To reawaken.Β πŸ’–

We can’t change others and most of the time we don’t have the power to change situations of injustice. What we can do though, is to start changing ourselves. Start with your life. Start a path towards peace, Love, and enlightenment. Only if we start by an individual change we can change this reality.

When you start this journey, you will notice how everything around you will change even if it actually remains the same (i hope i’m making sense here). What i mean is: when you shift your frequency from a low vibratory energy to a higher one, you will start attracting positivity into your reality. When we make this change, we are changing the world around us. Not only that, but we’re also setting an example for others, so if anyone else is interested they might start their own change, it doesn’t matter how big or small that change will be. That’s why i am so deeply and infinitely happy when someone tells me that they’ve started making a “gratefulness jar”, or that they had their first smoothie, or even just that they want to try my food. I know that it’s not much, but at least i feel like i’m bringing a little bit of positivity into this world.Β πŸ’•

My life has completely changed since i started walking this path. Everything stayed the same, but what changed was my perspective. I used to be a very angry, negative, envy person, even as a vegan. Now i know that that was just my way to deal with this world because i was hurt. As i started eating raw i spontaneously started to accept myself, to love myself more. That’s where all of our sorrows come from: lack of self-Love. I didn’t even notice this change until a few months ago when i actually looked back at who i was and realized how much i had grown. Eating high vibrational food changed my vibrational energy.Β πŸ‘Ό

So all i want to say is: start loving yourself. That’s the first fundamental step towards evolution. You can do it however you want, for me it was food, maybe for you it will be something else but eventually everything will come together, because you can’t love yourself if you feed yourself garbage and negativity (products of death and pain).

Finally, my tip is: always make an effort to be grateful. Look around you, or think about your life and think of something that you’re grateful for. Gratefulness attracts positive vibrations and abundance in our lives.

Inhale gratefulness. Exhale Love.Β πŸ’˜

Love you.

Thank you for reading me.Β πŸ™



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