Refreshing Ginger Smoothie πŸ’›βœ¨


Super easy & super quick smoothie recipe for a refreshing, detoxing, tasty meal! All you need are 3 simple ingredients!:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • a thumb of ginger (or put less if that’sΒ too much for you)

Put how many bananas and apples you wish in a blender and add some ginger. Blend them up and it’s done! Top it with whatever you’d like. Here i used a banana, a few apple slices, hemp seeds, shredded coconut and goji berries.

This was my lunch today so i used 5 bananas and 2 apples to make this smoothie bowl. It had a surprisingly delicious and spicy flavor thanks to the ginger that adds freshness to the sweetness of the bananas and apples.Β Try it and you’ll love it!

Ginger is a powerful spice full of vitamins and minerals, it helps with digestion and it has amazing anti inflammatory properties.

Goji berries are a great source of vitamins like vitamin C and A, of minerals like iron and zinc, and they’re packed with antioxidants and protein.

This smoothie is basically a blessing for your whole body, your taste buds, and your soul! When you’re eating think about how thankful and happy you are, this way you will be nourishing yourself healthy thoughts. Enjoying a nice healthy meal and being grateful for it is the best way to heal yourself and to raise your vibrations. πŸ™


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