The importance of monomealing 🍌

You’ve probably already heard of monomealing, but what is it? and why is it beneficial?


A monomeal is a meal made up of just one type of food, usually raw fruit. That’s nothing new right? We’ve all eaten half a watermelon or an entire cantaloupe for lunch on hot summer days! So you’ve probably already tried this without even knowing it. You can have a monomeal of whatever type of fruit you’d like. You can have 10 bananas, or 2 pound of strawberries, apples, mangoes etc.

So what is so special about it?
To some it could actually sound boring, but if you give it a try you’ll find out how beneficial it can be and also how tasty can food be. When we mix lots of different types of food together we can’t fully enjoy their unique flavor. Monomealing is a way to give your body some time to rest from all the complex and processed foods we are nowadays used to eating. It’s probably the easiest way to detox and still keep your belly full and satisfied, so you can go on with your day, whereas other ways of detoxing such as juice fasting or dry fasting require mental and physical rest as well.

After all humans are designed to eat monomeals, as a matter of fact before the invention of agricolture people foraging for food would stop under a tree and eat its fruit until they felt full and satiated, and because of that our digestive system is designed to deal with one type of food at a time. Different enzymes are needed to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and sugars. When we introduce even a “simple” sandwich into our organism, the body has to cope with lots of different  types of food – in this case they would be starch, protein and other stuff (bread alone has at least 5 ingredients)-  and it can get very tiring to sort out the different enzymes and different digestion times. This way some food will not get digested properly and we will be left feeling tired and sleepy. However, if you feed yourself just one type of fruit at a time, your body will need to trigger only one enzymatic reaction, therefore the digestion process will be easy and quick and you’ll be able to assimilate all the nutrients contained in your food. So yes, it is possible to feel full and satiated without having to feel stuffed or heavy, you will actually feel light as a feather and energized as if you hadn’t eaten at all but still satisfied with a nutritious meal! How amazing is that?
These are some of the benefits of monomealing:

  1. Optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  2. It prevents overeating by triggering the satiety signal
  3. It’s easy and simple!
  4. It takes no time to prepare
  5. It’s hydrating 
  6. It helps detoxification
  7. Mental clarity
  8. It makes you feel grateful

Some people even do extended periods, like one week or even one full month, of monomealing and that’s called a mono fruit island. As i said, it can be a great way to detox while still eating, but i wouldn’t recommend doing this for more than one month. I don’t think that’s even necessary to be honest but i do believe that we should consume at least one monomeal a day! This will keep our digestive system healthy and in optimal conditions. You can also have different types of monomeal throughout the day: orange juice for breakfast, bananas for lunch, tomatoes as a snack, carrots as a second snack, strawberries for dinner… and this is just an example, you can monomeal with literally anything you want. Fruit is better for monomealing simply because it contains the sugar we need to thrive and it has more calories so it’s easier to feel satisfied, while you would have to eat an insanely large amount of, let’s say, kale to feel satiated.

When monomealing you start appreciating the texture, the flavor, and the smell of the food you’re eating, and you may also start thinking about the processes that make a fruit possible. This will make you feel grateful for Nature and for all the people who worked to make that food get in your hands. You’ll feel more connected to the whole Universe, so monomealing will nourish every cell in your body and every atom of your Soul. It’s a chance to treat your body with kindness and to take care of yourself. When we’re kind to ourselves, we’re being kind to the Universe and to every living being that composes it, as we’re all One.


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