How it all began…

Hi! I’m Giulia Engel, i’m 21 years old and i was born and raised in Rome. I am an artist and I study English and German but my real passions are animals, nature and health! My journey started about 8 years ago when i was only 14. Out of the blue i started hearing a little voice inside my head that was telling me that i didn’t want to eat animals anymore, so one day, as my mom placed in front of me a chicken breast, i took the courage to say “Mom, i don’t want to eat meat anymore.” Luckily, my mom has always been interested in health and nutrition and a few years back she had even tried eating a plant based diet for a couple of years, therefore not only was she perfectly fine with my choice, but she also decided to start eating plant based again. So this is how i started eating vegetarian and even though i was very young i already had some health issues, number one being serious constipation. Going vegetarian definitely put me on the right path to heal myself, but at the time i didn’t care at all about health, i was just a kid after all. However, after two years of vegetarianism i found out how dairy and eggs are produced and i finally decided to become vegan, mostly because of the animals since that was my main concern. Veganism changed my life for the better forever. I finally lost some weight, i experienced even more health benefits, and i was actually doing something to save animals. But i’m one of those people who are continuously evolving, ever changing, transforming, improving. After 5 years of being vegan, i decided to give the raw vegan diet a try. I was motivated mainly by a skin fungus that first appeared when i had switched to vegetarianism – probably as a result of my first detoxification – and by fullyrawkristina’s amazing recipe videos. After less than a month the skin fungus had reduced incredibly, it was almost gone. Not only that, i also lost about 8kg (i used to be very bloated), my skin cleared, my nails and hair started growing stronger, my belly was finally at peace, my digestion improved by 300%, my anxiety was gone, and i started feeling a deep sense of happiness, joy, gratefulness. I started feeling more connected to Nature, Light, and the whole Universe. I started being more present, more compassionate, more understanding, and more empathic.

And now i’m here. Today marks my first anniversary as a raw vegan and i decided to start a blog about this life changing journey that i’m walking, hoping to inspire someone to do the same or to simply start living a more compassionate and healthier life. I’ll be sharing my recipes, my experiences, my feelings, and my thoughts. This is gonna be a public diary, my safe space open to the world where i can talk about my lifestyle.

I know that for now this is not the best looking blog on the web but i’m working on it and hopefully
you’re gonna enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing and writing.

Thank you  for reading,
Take care 💘

-Giulia 👼tumblr_onzsbchyA11vdoomfo1_1280


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